Used Car FAQs | York PA


If you’re a thrifty shopper and you’re ready to upgrade your current ride, buying used is an excellent alternative to buying new. While some are nervous about unsavory sales tactics or underlying issues that cost more than the car itself, you’ll be protected from those scams here at Toyota of York. We inspect all of our used vehicles before marking them to be sold, so a vehicle bought here is guaranteed to have great quality. But before browsing our used inventory, we would love to address your questions. We’ve listed some of the most common questions our customers have about used cars, but if you don’t see your question below, give us a call and we can chat.


What’s the difference between used and CPO?

Stricter standards. CPO, or Certified Pre-Owned or Certified Used, are vehicles that have met the brand standards outlined by the manufacturer. They go through a rigorous inspection (to get an idea, Toyota requires a 160-point inspection), and any issues found are repaired by our expert service technicians. CPO vehicles also must qualify under the age and mileage limits in order to be considered certified. Due to the standards kept, CPO vehicles will be slightly more expensive than used.


What should I watch out for in a used car?

No matter if you’re buying from a dealer or private seller, inspect the exterior for any extensive damage. While most used vehicles will have dings and dents, look for signs of anything major. Next, take a look in the interior for tears in the seating or any stains or smells. Last, take the vehicle for a test drive and listen for mechanical issues (such as squealing brakes).


How do I know that I’m getting a good deal?

Research beforehand, but once you’ve settled on a favorite used car, look up the make and model on Kelley Blue Book® can compare the vehicle’s approximate value to the offered price, and we can even value your trade if you’re ready to sell your current vehicle, too.


Why should I buy from a dealership?

Private sellers can’t guarantee the quality of their vehicle, and there’s always a level of distrust when purchasing a used car. Legally (and by Toyota of York standards, ethically), a dealership can not lie about the condition of the car without major consequences. Plus, a dealer has the resources to offer special financing, if needed, and you can take advantage of their perks and why buys.


What are the benefits of buying a used car?

Well, how much time do you have? Buying used means getting a great, quality car at an affordable price. The depreciation hit will be exponentially lower with a used vehicle since it has already met the biggest hurdle. Parts for used cars are typically cheaper, and your options are much wider, too. When buying new, you’re confined to that year’s technology or convenience features, but with used, you have multiple years to choose from. Need more benefits? Pick up the phone and let’s talk.

Ready to buy a used car from us? Give us a call or come see us at 1885 Whiteford Road, York, PA 17402. We look forward to serving our customers from Hanover, Lancaster and Elizabethtown.