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It’s crucial that your tires are in good condition. Tires support the weight of your vehicle, keep you from slipping in wet conditions and ensure a smooth ride. But when it comes to choosing new tires, you may not know where to start. That’s where we come in. At Toyota of York, we want to help you find the right set of tires for your vehicle, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

I thought all tires were the same?

There are a variety of tires for every type of driver. Whether you’re looking for wet or dry traction, high mileage, high speed control, steering response, ride comfort or all of the above, we’ll help you find a set of tires that works for your vehicle.

What should I look for in a tire?

Let us know what your expectations for new tires are, and we’ll help you choose a set that suits your lifestyle and budget best. We’ll ask questions about the type of driving you do and how long you expect to keep your vehicle.

How can I tell when it’s time to replace my tires?

If you think your tires may need to be replaced, try the penny test. Put a penny in the tread, and if you can see most of Lincoln’s head, then it’s time for new tires.

Do I really need to rotate my tires?

Most definitely. Rotating your tires keeps them from wearing down unevenly. At Toyota of York, we’re happy to help with tire rotations!

Why should I buy my tires from a dealership?

We know exactly what type of tires your Toyota needs, so trust us to find the tires that work best.

If it’s time for new tires, stop by our dealership at 1885 Whiteford Road, York, PA 17402 or schedule your service online today. We look forward to serving our customers from Hanover, Lancaster and Elizabethtown!