Tips to Winterize Your Car

October 4th, 2016 by
As summer comes to a close and the first leaves of fall begin to change it can only mean one thing…. Winter is on its way. While some people look forward to the snowy season and others can only hope for a smooth passing, when it comes to your car there a few important steps you can take in order to make the winter season is easier on both you and your car. Properly winterizing your car is an important step that can help your car make it through the long York, PA winters. With just a few easy steps you will never have to worry about your car not starting up in the winter, such as keeping your gas tank at least half full is not only easy but something that can prevent a huge probably later on. Keeping you gas tank half full prevents line freeze ups and if you are ever stranded your engine might be the only the thing keeping you warm. Keeping your washer fluid full will help in keeping snow and ice from building up onto your windshield wipers and windshield.


Keeping you from inconvenient and dangerous driving conditions. Pack a winter emergency kit that you can keep in your car. While this may sound extreme having a spare blanket, flares and an extra set of gloves on hand can make a world of difference if you slide off the road and are waiting for help. However for the best driving experience when it comes to driving on snowy or even icy roads come to your local Toyota dealer, Toyota of York and have the Toyota service center replace your old tires with winter tires. Not only that but the Toyota Service Center can also replace your old worn out wiper blades with new winter blades that are able to cut through the ice and snow, because nothing is worse than having to pull over to clear ice off your windshield when you are in a hurry. The Toyota Service Center can get you prepared for the winter roads, as well as your annual needs such as a simple oil and air filter change. Come to the Toyota service center and get your car ready for a York, PA winter.
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