Frequently Asked Service Questions

Your “Maintenance Required” Lamp Will Start To Flash About 500 Miles Before Your Car Is Due For Maintenance. It’s Just A Reminder To Let You Know It’s Coming Up Soon. It Will Stay Solid When Your Service Is Due.
The Tire Pressure Lamp Will Come On When Your Tire Pressure Is 4 Pounds-Per-Square-Inch (Psi) Lower Or More Than What The Recommended Setting Should Be. So If The Recommended Pressure Is 35psi And One Or More Of The Tires On Your Vehicle Are At 30psi, The Lamp Will Come On. It Could Be Just One Of Your Tires Or All Four. Also, If You Have A Full Sized Spare Tire, That Also Needs To Be Checked. We Don’t Charge To Check Tire Pressure, So Feel Free To Stop By If That Lamp Comes On.
If The “Check Engine” Lamp Comes On And It’s NOT Flashing, It Is Safe To Drive To The Service Department. However, If The Check Engine Lamp IS Flashing, Have The Car Towed To Our Service Department Because That Indicates It Is Unsafe To Drive.
With So Many Different Cell Phone Companies Out There, We Prefer Our Customers Come Into The Service Department So We Can Set The System Up With You. We Do This At No Charge.
You Can Drop Off Your Vehicle At Our Service Department After Hours By Using Our Night Drop Box. Our Night Drop Box Is Located To The Right Of Our Drive In Service Doors. Inside Of The Night Drop Box Is A Service Envelope. Indicate On The Envelope What Service Your Vehicle Needs, Sign It, And Put Your Keys Inside. Then Drop The Envelope Inside Of The Slot In The Night Drop Box. Our Service Department Will Call You The Next Day To Follow Up.
We Don’t Offer A Towing Service But We Have Two Options For You. The First Is Toyota Roadside Assistance. This Service Is Free For The First Two Years Or 25,000 Miles You Own Your New Toyota At 1-800-444-4195. If Your Vehicle Is Not Eligible For That Service, We Recommend Louis Towing Service, Located In York At 717-840-1105.

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